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Letter supporting Manchester hackerspace funding application

Sent to the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities (AGMA)in support of a funding application made by MadLab Manchester Hackerspace.

Dear AGMA,

I am writing in support MadLab in their request for AGMA funding. I have been running Free Software Foundation Europe events at MadLab since January2011, and have made use of their facilities on both a monthly basis for regular community meetings, and also on weekends for special local and national events.… Read the rest

De l’impact politique d’apprendre aux enfants la libre programmation

Lizette Greco - CC by-nc-sa

This French article is reproduced from Framablog[2], and is a translation of my article “Will teaching children basic programming skills have a political impact?“.

Apprendre les rudiments de la programmation aux enfants aura-t-il un impact politique ?

La BBC m’a envoyé un courrier électronique la semaine dernière pour me demander mon avis sur la rumeur actuelle qui voudrait que le gouvernement britannique ajoute des compétences informatiques de base aux programmes scolaires en mettant l’accent sur un éventuel impact politique que ceci pourrait avoir sur la façon dont la société interagit avec les technologies.… Read the rest


This year four things particularly struck me about the annual Free and Open Source Developer’s European Meeting (FOSDEM) in Brussels.

Lots of new software

Attending FOSDEM is always a great opportunity to find awesome new Free Software projects to make your life and work easier, and with more than 420 speakers in the “dev rooms” alone, and more tracks and conference rooms than ever, 2012 was especially fruitful in this regard.… Read the rest