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Car: 1, me: 0

So, I got hit by a car on Monday while cycling home.

Sam's face after the crash on Monday

Me at A&E on Monday

It was dark and raining, and I was in the cycle lane about to go straight over a junction when a car turned left into my lane and into me. I went over the handle bars, possibly over the bonnet, and landed on my knee, shortly followed by my face.

Sam after being stitched up in hospital

Me after being stitched up at hospital

I was on the tarmac for about an hour; a small crowd, three teams of medics and a GP helped to check me out, cut off my clothing, and get me onto a stretcher and into hospital. I came out several hours later with nine stitches in two wounds, crutches, bandages, and 0.5 less of a tooth than I went in with.

I’m returning to work gradually and may take longer to reply to emails for a week or so. The whole experience was rather a shock, but things are slowly returning to normal.


  • Reply Paul Boddie |

    Sorry to hear about the accident and to see the damage! I hope you make a quick and full recovery.

    As I recall from my own, distant-past experiences of cycling in (suburban) Manchester, the few over-the-handlebar incidents were all my own fault and thankfully not performed in traffic. I hope that the experience doesn’t put you off from returning to the saddle.

  • Reply samtuke |

    Thanks guys. Leg is a bit battered; will be on crutches for another week or so. Yes the facial scars won’t do me any harm, help me look less of a typical geek perhaps.

    The accident has certainly diminished my fervour for cycling, but I don’t think that it will put me off altogether. Apart from anything else there isn’t any other way to get about much of Manchester if you don’t have a car.

    I appreciate the encouraging words, thanks for commenting 🙂

  • Reply Mikko |

    Really sorry to hear that! How are you now? Getting better?
    People should drive more carefully on rainy days!

  • Reply samtuke |

    Yup, just got off crutches yesterday, and now the stitches are out, my face is far less scary. I won’t be cycling or playing badminton for a few weeks, and I’ll be glad when the microscopic bits of tarmac are all out of my chin, but all-in-all I’m very pleased with the progress of my recovery. Thanks for asking!

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