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Fix Firefox fullscreen video bug on Gnome 3

Does this sound like a familiar scenario?: You’ve found your favourite Seinfeld clip, you’ve waited for it to buffer, you’ve clicked fullscreen mode, swiftly alt-tabbed to check your mail (the thousandth time today), switched back into Firefox, clicked fullscreen again, only to find the comedy genius’ face has vacated your screen, or frozen, glass-eyed and unanimated, as the sound plays on?… Read the rest

Tip: install Hebrew fonts on Fedora Linux

Here’s a one line command that will install additional Hebrew fonts on Fedora 20. There’s a fair few in here, including a Free version of Hebrew Arial (much sought after). They’re all in repositories already so with yum it’s a breeze:

sudo yum install culmus-* alef-fonts* google-noto-sans-hebrew-fonts

Install PHP 5.6 beta and phpdbg on Fedora

As a software developer, you come to realise that most code in the world is not written by you. You also quickly learn that it’s generally faster to write new code, than to fix old code. Combine those two snippets of binary wisdom and you have the conclusion that most of your time working on software will be spent fixing other people’s code.… Read the rest