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Install Fedora 35 on Dell XPS 9310 (2021)

The Dell 9310 is supposedly the best ultra-portable laptop on the market, but I faced some challenges installing the world’s best desktop operating system (for my needs 😛) on it.

Dell XPS 13 9310 (2021) running Fedora 35
Dell XPS 13 9310 (2021) running Fedora 35

UEFI, Secure boot, “Legacy boot mode is not supported on this platform”, USB-C to USB3 drive adapter – these were confusing factors when I installed Fedora 35 on my new Dell Laptop.… Read the rest

Whitelisting subdirectories using Git’s .gitignore

Git’s handling of directories and wildcards doesn’t follow bash conventions. First glance at a .gitignore file can easily mislead you into thinking that typical directory references will work recursively and allow whitelisting of many directories at a time. But directories don’t really exist for Git, or at least not as you’d expect.… Read the rest

Fix Firefox fullscreen video bug on Gnome 3

Does this sound like a familiar scenario?: You’ve found your favourite Seinfeld clip, you’ve waited for it to buffer, you’ve clicked fullscreen mode, swiftly alt-tabbed to check your mail (the thousandth time today), switched back into Firefox, clicked fullscreen again, only to find the comedy genius’ face has vacated your screen, or frozen, glass-eyed and unanimated, as the sound plays on?… Read the rest