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Introduction to Open Source presentation updated

We had some new starters join phpList recently, and as is sometimes the case, they did not have a long history with Open Source or a rock solid grasp of its heritage. Therefore I dusted off an old slide deck which I last used in a speech in 2012 in Liverpool, when I was recovering from a car accident (hence the black eye and crutches).

One quick review and spring clean later, the slides were used in an internal company presentation in our Tirana office during my last visit, and have been used since by Mariana Balla, our Community Manager, with new staff who’ve joined since.

In case it’s useful to anyone else, here are the slides embedded below. It’s high level, and emphasises the factual, historical, and legal roots of Open Source and the Free Software movement. I feel this is necessary in our modern climate of ‘open source planning’, ‘open source recipes’, and the general dilution of associated terms.


So, what do you think ?