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Interview on Collabora deal with UK Government

UK Authority, a publication dedicated to digital public sector news, published an article this evening after interviewing me by telephone in the afternoon. Happy to be quoted in this decent piece:

Crown Commercial Service strikes deal for open source office suite

Agreement with Collabora provides fresh momentum to use of open source in public sector

Sam Tuke, marketing manager for Collabora, told UKAuthority that the deal is similar to those previously arranged by the CCS with proprietary software suppliers such as Microsoft and Oracle.

This follows several articles yesterday which picked up yesterday’s press release, including:

  • The Register (“Oh dear, Microsoft: UK.gov signs deal with LibreOffice”)
  • The Inquirer (“UK government deals blow to Microsoft with LibreOffice love-in”)
  • Silicon Angle (“U.K. gov embraces Libre Office, kicks Microsoft into touch”)
  • Golem (“UK authorities to license commercial LibreOffice”)
  • Pro-Linux (“Great Britain relies on LibreOffice”)
  • OCS Mag (“LibreOffice officially made available for all UK Government agencies nationwide”)


So, what do you think ?