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Create new revisions by default for products in Drupal Commerce

People make mistakes. That’s why anyone worth their salt is using version control systems like Git for their code these days. The closest we can currently come to version control for Drupal products, is use of the revisioning system. And if you’re here, I’ll assume that you know what that is, and what it does.

“Products” however are not like other content types – they’re not nodes. Fortunately they can still be configured to save revisions by default on each new edit, just like other content types. That means you can let loose your team of editors and translators on your website, including your products, with significantly reduced risk of data loss and regressions.

To enable revisions by default:

  • Visit yourdomain.com /admin/structure/types/manage/product-display
  • Click on the “publishing options” tab
  • Under “default options” tick “create new revision”

So, what do you think ?