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The marvellelous magical mysterious Git

For I ❤ Free Software, I’m taking time to tell you about some Free Software that I love. And as everybody knows, I love Git.

I sing it’s praises, often literally, everywhere I work. Git provides the plumbing of my design, development, and decision making. No, it’s more like the golden contacts along which colleagues creative energies zip. It provides the neural pathways by which our collective brain may think. It is always there, the stalwart friend by my side, adapting to my needs, taking ever new and more serpentine challenges in its stride. I love Git.

Musical scores, vector illustrations, spreadsheets, to-do lists, databases, the lot – Git takes my files and with but two commands provides an invitation for the world to help, contribute, flatter and extend:

git init
git add .

When was that invoice last updated? Why did I delete pictures of Gwen? Where did this cat poem come from? Git knows the answers.

As my career has progressed, Git scaled up. When six months of work diverged my new crypto code ownCloud’s core code-base, who merged 2.000 commits back into the rest? Well me, of course, but not without Git.

As pressures increased, sites with a great many visits, who undid all those bugs in the blink of an eye? Yes it was Git. The next day at leisure I browsed through the blameworthy changes, edited, committed, and pushed, knowing nothing was lost, and safety maintained. Thank heavens for Git.

A poem

Git governs software
Git keeps the score
Git knows when who worked, and on what, and why for

Now extra Git tools
Let us tip, and show blame
Click to merge, paint a diff
Run test tools, Fork by name

Git is marvellous, magical, and sometimes mysterious
So if you love FS  you should take Git more serious

So, what do you think ?